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Ground freight

We handle cargo from or to posts and airports in LCL or FCL services.

Land shipping is the most widely used alternative for freight transport, preferred due to the short distances and flexibility that the use of highways presents. It is also the lowest cost transportation so it can fit a limited budget.

Land transport offers quick and direct access to urban and rural destinations, expanding the scope to which your merchandise can reach. It also offers greater flexibility in terms of schedules and routes, thus facilitating adaptation to the specific needs of each load. It can even be combined with other modes of transportation to achieve a multimodal approach that reduces costs.

Accessibility to remote destinations

Variety of schedules and routes

Effective tracking and monitoring

Multimodal service available

Superior customer support

At Newtral Argentina we care about providing an excellent service to each and every one of our clients. We are always available to answer any type of doubt, to advise you and to offer personalized solutions. Having your trust is one of our focuses.