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Air freight

Experience the speed and flexibility of air transport!

At Newtral Argentina, we offer an instant and efficient air transport service that overcomes physical barriers. You will discover that air transport offers unparalleled flexibility in contrast to other forms of transport, allowing you to quickly adapt to market demands. In addition, air transport is the ideal option for high-value merchandise and perishable products, since it guarantees fast and safe delivery. Trust us to offer you a reliable air service that meets your most demanding logistics needs.

Unmatched speed

Guaranteed security

Exceptional flexibility

Another important feature of air transport is safety. Strict measures are implemented during the cargo loading and unloading process at airports. You can be sure that your cargo will be in excellent condition.

Full commitment to excellence

We are proud to ensure that we stand out for our efforts to maintain superior quality in all our services. We focus on efficiency, safety and punctuality, guaranteeing that loads are optimally managed.